Saturday, January 12, 2013

6 weeks old today!

Baylen is 6 weeks old today! It makes me sad how fast they grow up on us.I just love cuddlin with them when they are so small...its so special to me because it only lasts for such a small amount of time. Hes made lots of milestones already! He loves cuddling with his mama! He dont let me put him down one second..Ive been toteing him around since Ive had him! I may just have to bungie strap him to me. Its so hard to get anything done..but them when I lay him down and he starts crying...I feel like a bad mom so I pick him back up and figure out how to do whatever Im doing with just one hand. Did I mention he also sleeps on my chest EVERY night...yup. Im stuck in the recliner downstairs everynight with a baby on my chest!
Some of his other milestones:
- he loves his binkie
-he has learned to love his bath! He never really liked it much and he dont like the washing part but he loves very warm water and he loves to lay and relax in it.
-he is already enjoying 6 oz of milk! The bottle is almost as big as him!
-he holds his head up for about a min or so
-coos more and more at his mommy!
-we got big smiles now!!
-he hates cold hands and cold wipes! Always throws a fit when he is touched by cold!

I love the little photo above...crossing his eyes so he can focus in on his mama! I am so blessed.

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