Sunday, October 31, 2010


Now we just have to paint and carve them!


It was hard for me to get nice pictures tonite. The kids were all in some crazy moods...crying, mis-behaving or running around all wild like! I couldn't even get pictures of all of my children! Here are some to share but hopefully tomarro nights are better!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I looove Carmex lip products!! And now Carmex has came out with a skin care line which I cant wait to try! Carmex has always been our #1 lip care product..keeping our lips nice and soft in the winter..I would love to see what kind of skin products they have come out with!

Baba is having an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!
She is giving away a Carmex travel bag packed full of Carmex goodies! Hurry and enter this ends November 9th! What will you do with this kit if u win? Id love to hear...if I win Ill keep it for myself! I cant wait to try the new skin products!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Here are some great Freebies I found this week:

Shout Color Catcher Sample

Extra Dessert Delights Gum


Have you checked out swagbucks yet? If you havent tried it yet...check it out! You wins points for doing daily things you would do anyways, such as searching with their toolbars, watching videos etc. You turn the points into things like paypal, giftcards to great places such as amazon or Starbucks.
Today. on Megabucks using the toolbar you can win big bucks such as 20, 50 or 100! Its great! I have loads of swagbucks and plan on using mine towards xmas for my family! Either using them towards amazon or paypal for gifts!
If you already use Swagbucks I would love to hear what you plan on using yous for?


I love theese! They are fast, connvienant and delicious! Plus they are packed full of nutrition!!! They come in awesome packaging..squeezable...for little toddlers on the go! My lil guy thinks he is just the biggest boy in the world squeezing theese fun little packets in his mouth! They also come in lots of yummy flavors! Our favorite is butternut squash, carrots, apples & prunes. What can I say? My babies love their orange veggies! There are so many unique flavors to chose from..unlike your normal gerber or beech nut baby food. Thats why we love it! Visit Ellas kitchen and check out their other products! Sooo much great stuff to chose from if you have lots of littles!

Right now Mama to 4 Blessings is having an AWESOME GIVEAWAY! Head on over and win 8 squeezable pouches of your own choice. YUMMY! She has several different ways of entering...GOOD LUCK!


Hey Mamas! This is my new blog that I have made to help mamas like myself learn about awesome giveaways. Theese giveaways will include all sorts of great stuff! Stuff for Mommies! Things we may need for our children, our babies, our home, cleaning, cooking, Gifts etc.
This blog will also include freebies I find on the web, coupons, goodies, frugal tips, etc. ANything to help your mommy life become a little simpler! We all know how hard it is being a mommy sometimes! SO pls enjoy my blog! Drop in and send a friend, Id love to hear comments about anything you would love for me to post, write or share!