Thursday, December 2, 2010


Carter decided he wanted to make himself lunch today!

MMMMM! Good!



Ive decided to join Mama Jenn in her Mission of the Month! Its Us Mama's making goals each month and trying to get through them! If your a mama and you have up on Mama Jens page!

Mission of the Month

Here is my list for December:

1-Get all ebay sales out on time this month!
2-Get kids pictures done for Christmas presents
3-Get kids clothes out of my office and to the consignment shop
4-Get the toy room organized and cleaned up
5-Get all of Dahlias clothes sorted and put away and organized!

Here is my list...I hope I can keep up with all the holiday stuff going on too!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The kids were very proud of their work!!! Ecspecially Rylan!


Looove this picture of Dahlia! Still focusing and a lil dribble along the way! :)

Shootin grins at Mama!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Making a Cherry Pie!

Rylan had loads of fun making a cherry Pie today! He was an expert at rolling playdough into little tiny balls and sticking them to the spots on the pie!



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010


Its the biggest meal of the year.
We look forward to this meal every year as soon as Halloween passes! We look forward to all the family time but mainly the FOOD! I love stuffing my belly full of turkey, stuffing, squash and cranberry sauce. Oh gosh and the dessert....mmmmm...I also love crawling into bed at night with a full belly and sleeping in the next day! NO BLACK FRIDAY FOR ME! While everyone else is out going nuts shopping, I'm at home resting peacefully in my bed!
Our Thanksgiving tradition is stopping at two different family members on Thanksgiving. We make an appearance at my moms house to visit my dad and her and my brothers and sister. My mother makes a meal as well but we don't stay to eat. We leave and go to my Mother in laws and have dinner with hubby's family!
Ma makes everything herself! She makes a lot of food but sticks to easy foods. Foods that we all can enjoy and don't take much effort to make! Gramma always makes the desserts and hubby and I help prepare!
Here is our Thanksgiving dinner menu:




I miss those days! They go by sooooo quick!

Friday, November 12, 2010


With the arrival of our 5th baby I may or may not go back to work. We are planning to have a very frugal Christmas this year! Here are our Ideas

-Homemade gifts for the family such as gifts in a jar, gift baskets put together with my stockpile and maby a decoration or 2 made by the kids

-SWAGBUCKS..I didnt start swagging until a few months ago so I dont have many swagbucks but enough to turn in for an amazon giftcard or paypal to use towrds Christmas

-Selling on Ebay..I have a bunch of clothes listed on ebay and what I sell I plan to use towards Christmas.

-Enter the awesome online giveaways and hope I win! Ive entered loads of giveaways and will be entering them all month long! I only emter the ones I think I can use for gifts!

-Consignment shop gifts. I have a few things I have bought from our new local consignment shop. The shop seems to carry great things! Everything in there is in great shape! I got a few toys, a few puzzles and a few dvds. About $100 worth of stuff for 30!

-There have been a few deals online I have grabbed already including free photobooks and free didgital prints...with theese I plan on giving the photobooks away as gifts and with the pictures I had developed for free Ill be putting into an album and giving to my Mother in Law for Christmas!

There are a few ways we will put towards frugal gifts for our family!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Every mom has one of these now right? Im not the only one? If you have a busy or large family the this is a must! This little trusty notebook of mine helps me get through each day and helps me stay on the ball as a mother and a wife! It helps me keep things together and get it all done...the cooking, the cleaning, the holidays...I wouldnt really know what to do if I didnt have a notebook to grab each morning as I get up!!

I thought today I would share with you my notebook. Everyones is different im sure depending on your family life and daily doings. Here is mine and what I include:

In the very beginning...I keep a calendar for myself! Well its actually a family calendar but it is mainly for me! I jot down everything here...birthdays, appts, holidays, meetings ect. This is a must for me! I get up first thing each morning and look at this calendar to see if we have anything planned today or not!

The first section is my cleaning section...I keep checklists galore here! It holds things such as weekly cleaning checklists, daily cleaning checklists, monthly lists, seasonal cleaning lists, etc.

Second is a small homeshool section! I have another whole binder for my planning! This section I included things that I can jot down during the day at random times such as book requests or books we need, yearly goals, a monthly theme planner etc. I also have a calendar for hubby in here...which I fill out at the beginning of the month. It is a small calender in which I jot down an activity for him to do with the kids each day! Hubby works long hours overnight and sleeps mostly during the I jot down things he can squeeze in during each day...something to help them with their they feel like he is a part of it and helping them accomplish more! The children really like to see everyday what their dad will be doing with them when he wakes up! LOL!

Next is the kitchen section...this has menus ideas, our monthly menu planned our from breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks! It also has recipes that I switch out month to month to follow our menu plan, a few price tracker worksheets and then a spot where I can jot down a menu idea or recipe that I might find while browsing the internet! I also keep a shopping list with weekly couponing section as well!

There is my garden section right after the kitchen section which holds a list of all the seeds I have stored, a garden plan for next yr plus the garden plans for the following year, a list of things I may need in the spring, seeds I want to order etc

I decided last yr to insert a family fun section as well. Which contains our packing list for camping, places to camp, places in the area to go to for day trips, field trips or just taking the kids for fun! I also included a list of family traditions and a spot for ones I would like to start or inclue in our family

Then there is the Christmas section which holds quite a bit of info. I keep this section in my reach all year long incase I jot down things such as gift ideas, tradition ideas etc. In this section I keep worksheets for my holiday Budget, a list of gift ideas for everyone...a list of gifts I actually get everyone, Christmas card list, a list of any charities or donations I want to do, recipes I need, a blank December calander so I can start filling it in with good stuff as soon as I can! And then at the end of the section I keep a worksheet that allows me to record everything special we did that I can hold it for future reference or use it for our scrapbooks!

The last section I just have random things in such as our family and friends birthdays, ways to make extra $$, a list of trades and sales etc Ive made online so I dont lose track, our monthly budget, a list of rebates and a place to store my reciepts, a list of things I am expecting in the mail, simple ways to keep frugal, everyones clothing inventory..what we have and what we need and more!

There you have it, my household binder! I hope every mommy that reads this will get some ideas or inspiration for their binder!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Scare!

Ah...little Dahlia quit breathing on me last night! I woke to her moving around in her bassinette. I rolled out of bed becuase I simply thought she was waking for her nightly feeding. I turned on the lamp and reached for her. I turned her body towards mine and her arms were moving all over and she was gasping for air! Her skin was very purple in color. I started frantically crying..shaking her and patting her begging for her to breathe! It was sooo scary! She finally caught her breath and turned back to light pink in color. Needless to say I have not put her down since this happened!

I did take her to the Drs this morning and he said he cant determine what caused it but he recommended a we went out and got one! She is doing great now. Im just sooooo thankful I woke...I wonder what would of happened if I hadn't..Im sooo sooo thankful!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


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Friday, November 5, 2010


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I know its been a long long while! But I had a load of pregnancy complications and a load of after delivery complications! UGH! But all in all here is our perfect little addition!
Dahlia Renee

We love her lots! So much different having a lil girl in the family! Ecspecially a BABY girl! A big change for mommy and daddy! The boys took right to her...they are so gentle and sweet with her!

I should be back to posting very very soon! And although it is very hectic and crazy here all at once...Ill make time for blogging!

But for now...Ill leave you with some pictures of how we spent our Halloween!



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I would ABSOLUTLEY loooooove to win this! My 2 and 5 yr old are totally obsessed with THOMAS THE TRAIN! Right now you can enter the giveaway over at Mommy Katies!She is giveing away a Thomas the Train Trackmaster Zip Zoom and Logging Adventure!

This giveaways ends on November 30th!!!!


Check out this great Blog hop at Life with the Lebedas! They hold a theme each week and this week its SHOW OFF YOUR CHILDREN! they are...MY CHILDREN!

Trenton is 7, he loves playing outside and riding his little motorbike! He is in first grade homeschooling! He loves to snack all day long!

Carter is 5 and loves Trains! He is totally obsessed with Thomas and any other train out there!

Rylan is 2 and loves trains as well! He also loves playing with toy guns since he was introduced to the movie The Fox and The Hound! His other fav movies are any of The Land Before Time!

Hudson just turned a year old! He is very quiet and shy and just hangs out watching the others!

And then there is Dahlia! She is only 2 weeks old! We love her lots!!!!