Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Scare!

Ah...little Dahlia quit breathing on me last night! I woke to her moving around in her bassinette. I rolled out of bed becuase I simply thought she was waking for her nightly feeding. I turned on the lamp and reached for her. I turned her body towards mine and her arms were moving all over and she was gasping for air! Her skin was very purple in color. I started frantically crying..shaking her and patting her begging for her to breathe! It was sooo scary! She finally caught her breath and turned back to light pink in color. Needless to say I have not put her down since this happened!

I did take her to the Drs this morning and he said he cant determine what caused it but he recommended a vaporizer...so we went out and got one! She is doing great now. Im just sooooo thankful I woke...I wonder what would of happened if I hadn't..Im sooo sooo thankful!


  1. How terrifying!

    Thanks for joining the Hop!

  2. I will keep her in pray.
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