Monday, January 17, 2011

Children and Chores

Ive been wanting to blog about our chore system for a bit now but haven't had the chance. We have tried all chore systems...our last one was sticker rewards...didn't work. About 3 weeks ago I happen to be browsing the web and found an AWESOME chore system. I totally give great credit to the mama who came up with this!

Each kid Has 3 morning chores and 3 afternoon chores that they are expected to do every day. These chores stay the same every week, all week. They also have 3 daily chores that change every day. These 3 daily chores they can earn money for. I think the mamas prespective on this is great! We do things daily that we dont get paid for and then we work to get paid. So this basically teaches children the difference. And as long as they are earning money...heck...why not teach them how to count, save and spend while we are at it. Both of my older boys set a goal..They both really want a video game and so they are saving up $20 for the video game that they want.

Here are our daily expected chores for our children:

Trenton(7)-Make Bed, Devotions, Clean off dresser, Silverware out of the dishwasher, pick up living room, and take care of shoes and jackets

Carter(5)-Make Bed, Devotions,brush teeth,clean under bed, take care of shoes/jacket and vacuum living room

Rylan(2)-Brush teeth,Prayer,help with laundry, pick up toys in living room, pick up toys in toy room,wash table, wash hands (working on some daily things)

And for the earned chores.(these are examples as they do change every day)

Trenton-wash mirrors, wash kitchen cupboards down, load dishwasher, bathroom sinks, organize the entertainment center, etc

Carter-wash kitchen door, bathroom counters, organize bookshelves, sweep hallway, organize the video game cupboard

Rylan-Use the potty, sweep kitchen, wash glass door, pick up bedroom

Now...there are the cutest little sheets for all of these chores and you can find them here.

And for Rylan's chore chart which is a little different..using picture cards...go here

This was just a great idea and it really works for us so I thought Id share!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Saved Quarter Challenge

Ive jumped in kinda late but I am going to join into Penny Savers at The Saved Quarter. She is hosting a challenge in which to save our money. She encourages to save a quarter of our income if any way possible. Head on over there and check it out!

My financial goal for 2011 is to save $3,500. Yes thats a whopping quarter of our income. Its only hubby working here and obviously he dont make alot! But when I plan to save that $3,500 I plan on putting it onto our debt!

So...My ways to save include the following:

1-Save all change that we just come home and dump in a jar and use for soda...instead cut the soda and save the change

2-NO MORE DUNKIN DONUTS! Now I havent had dunkin donuts iced latte in 17 days...IM ON A ROLL! Since I have been doing so good...I just plan to cut it out all together! I dont need that crap anyways!

3-Learn to make some money at home! If anyone out there has some ideas that they would like to share...pls do!

4.Find ways to cut our spending. I will be keeping track of where every penny goes to see what can be cut down and what cant.

5. Make a budget! Start a budget so we know where our money is going and how to save it.

I wont be trying to save a certain amount each month but saving what I can each month. $3,500 may not sound like alot but it is alot for us to save. We are a family of 7 with a one small income coming it does make things hard on us!



Didnt post much this princess was very sick. She is feeling better FINALLY...with 2 drs visits and some meds...LOTS to share this week we have so much planned for school!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Im a little late with this one but I thought I would tackle this challenge on as well! Head on over to Laura's Website and check out her 52 weeks of organizing challenge! Basically...get one thing organized a week! She even has a cute little worksheet to keep track of it all! I missed week one and week 3 I will be starting which is TOMARRO! I will be trying to twine the 2 challenges together..until my 6 week decluttering challenge is over!

Here is my first 10 weeks list:

1-Clothing..New and Stored. Ill go through all of our dressers, get rid of clothing that is no good or we don't wear anymore. Organize our dressers and closets. I have a load of kids so I have a load of stored clothes as well :) I will be organizing these into totes by size and gender and labeling them as well. Right now they are just thrown into totes all together, unmarked

2-Kitchen Cupboards-I have so much space to use but I feel like its crowded and I dont have enough room!

3-2 shelves above the washer

4-Entertainment Centers in each room-sort and organize all electronic entertainment equipment

5-Photos and Baby Books-want to finish the older boys baby books and sort and organize all my photos. Right now they are in my roll out desk drawers just thrown in there

6-TOYS! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MIGHT TAKE 2 weeks!


8-Boys Bedroom-3 of my boys share a smaller bedroom...I have to figure a way they can all share and be comfortable!

9-Under the Kitchen sink-UGH! Its full of 40oz Beer Bottles from My HUSBAND!

10-Pantry...Ive picked up some great organizing tips from other bloggers that I cant wait to try!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I found this decluttering outline somewhere online and it really gave me the inspiration I needed to clean up my home, organize and get the junk out! It is a 6 week process and it goes day by day. I really really need to declutter and get rid of loads of stuff! Here is the 6 week plan day by day ...I will be working until my home is free of most clutter!

1-Go through our currant seasonal clothes and make a list of needs
2-Go through stored clothes, label totes correctly and list what we need
4-winter gear
5-Diapers and tolietries (baby stuff)
6-Other Baby Stuff
7-batheroom(towels, washrags and tolietries)

8-Kitchen dishes (plates, bowls and flatware)
9-Baking dishes and pans
10-pots and pans
11-Baking dishes and baking misc
12-small/large appliances
13-storage containers
14-cookbooks and kitchen towels

15-tableclothes, napkins and candles
16-linen closet
17-Laundry room

22-craft supplies
23-sewing and craft books
27-tapes & cds (including computer software)

29-Homeschool books
30-homeschool supplies (including art supplies)
31-preschool learning stuff
32-outdoor/swimming/camping stuff
33-junk drawers and under the sink
34-memory things)baby books, scrapbooks, photo books etc)
35-decorations (reg and seasonal)

36-office papers and bills
37-office equipment/supplies ect
39-Pantry food stuff
40-Pantry canning supplies
41-Gardening supplies

With this outline I really hope to get my house organized better! Not sure when I will start, sometime soon! Ill update with pics when I do!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

GOODBYE 2010! HELLO 2011!!

WOW! What can I say? 2010 went by so fast! We experianced alot as a family such as welcoming our Darling little Princess into our family! We love her sooo stinkin much! Its so different actually having a girl in the house with me! Ive had so much fun dressing her up like a little Dolly.

I havent blogged since nearly Thanksgiving! We have been so busy as a family that I have totally neglected my blog! Dahlia and Hudson both have been very sick with RSV. We have been back and forth to the drs and been on lots of different meds. They are still sick!

The new year has come and I am setting a bundle of goals I would like to achieve in the next 365 days. I will be looking to the Lord for Guidance. Life is good when you are living it through the Lord. And I know he will be with us and help guide my family and I in right directions.