Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Saved Quarter Challenge

Ive jumped in kinda late but I am going to join into Penny Savers at The Saved Quarter. She is hosting a challenge in which to save our money. She encourages to save a quarter of our income if any way possible. Head on over there and check it out!

My financial goal for 2011 is to save $3,500. Yes thats a whopping quarter of our income. Its only hubby working here and obviously he dont make alot! But when I plan to save that $3,500 I plan on putting it onto our debt!

So...My ways to save include the following:

1-Save all change that we just come home and dump in a jar and use for soda...instead cut the soda and save the change

2-NO MORE DUNKIN DONUTS! Now I havent had dunkin donuts iced latte in 17 days...IM ON A ROLL! Since I have been doing so good...I just plan to cut it out all together! I dont need that crap anyways!

3-Learn to make some money at home! If anyone out there has some ideas that they would like to share...pls do!

4.Find ways to cut our spending. I will be keeping track of where every penny goes to see what can be cut down and what cant.

5. Make a budget! Start a budget so we know where our money is going and how to save it.

I wont be trying to save a certain amount each month but saving what I can each month. $3,500 may not sound like alot but it is alot for us to save. We are a family of 7 with a one small income coming it does make things hard on us!



  1. Good Luck. One thing I started doing was Sponsered Tweets all you need is an existing (60 days) Twitter account with over 100 tweets. If you go to our blog The Hickman Four and click on the button it will take you right there.

    New Follower: (life as a wahm) (preschool activities) (custom party planning)

    Stop by, look around, follow back, comment freely - most importantly, ENJOY!

  2. Welcome to the challenge and good luck meeting your goal! $3,500 definitely feels like a good challenge and seems realistic - about $10 a day. Five kids certainly limits your time, but I'm sure you can find a way to bring in $10 a day.

    Check out my post on ways to make an extra $1,000 a month.

  3. Stopping by from today’s blog hop and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.


  4. You can definitely do this, and our host of the challenge has GREAT tips and articles! Actually, everyone participating is great motivation and we all share ideas, so see what you find!

  5. If you just created your account you will want to start "tweeting". I don't know if you have a Facebook account or not, but a tweet is just like a status update on Facebook. Short little things that you can post throughout the day. For Sponsered Tweets you have to have 100 tweets before you can start tweeting to get paid. When you hit 100 tweets you will start getting emails saying you have an offer .... then you just type what is in the instructions and start getting paid. I have already made 8.00 and I have not even been trying hard. If you want to look at my profile to see what is going on over at Twitter I am Click the follow button and you will start to see things that I tweet. When it is one that is being paid it will say AD: or Sponsered: Those people click on, and when they click on them you get paid. I get paid up to 0.27 per click. I hope that helps. Email me if you need more help. sarahickman(dot)hes(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. I totally understand your challenges!! We're a family of 7 and my husband is recently self employed. I stay at home and home school as well. I have set my goal as saving $75 a month.

    Check out my blog for tons of tips on how I'm saving/earning money!

  7. Good luck on your budget. I would suggest if you have not read David Ramsey Total Money Make Over to do so. You can borrow it from the library.
    Budgets are the only way we can stay on track and boy were we off track for years.
    If you are looking for ways to make extra money I would suggest checking out eBay, I sell there. Also if you want to spend a little money go to and look for the book How to sell books on amazon by Christine Miller. She is a stay at home mom.
    good luck and check out my blog at