Monday, January 17, 2011

Children and Chores

Ive been wanting to blog about our chore system for a bit now but haven't had the chance. We have tried all chore systems...our last one was sticker rewards...didn't work. About 3 weeks ago I happen to be browsing the web and found an AWESOME chore system. I totally give great credit to the mama who came up with this!

Each kid Has 3 morning chores and 3 afternoon chores that they are expected to do every day. These chores stay the same every week, all week. They also have 3 daily chores that change every day. These 3 daily chores they can earn money for. I think the mamas prespective on this is great! We do things daily that we dont get paid for and then we work to get paid. So this basically teaches children the difference. And as long as they are earning money...heck...why not teach them how to count, save and spend while we are at it. Both of my older boys set a goal..They both really want a video game and so they are saving up $20 for the video game that they want.

Here are our daily expected chores for our children:

Trenton(7)-Make Bed, Devotions, Clean off dresser, Silverware out of the dishwasher, pick up living room, and take care of shoes and jackets

Carter(5)-Make Bed, Devotions,brush teeth,clean under bed, take care of shoes/jacket and vacuum living room

Rylan(2)-Brush teeth,Prayer,help with laundry, pick up toys in living room, pick up toys in toy room,wash table, wash hands (working on some daily things)

And for the earned chores.(these are examples as they do change every day)

Trenton-wash mirrors, wash kitchen cupboards down, load dishwasher, bathroom sinks, organize the entertainment center, etc

Carter-wash kitchen door, bathroom counters, organize bookshelves, sweep hallway, organize the video game cupboard

Rylan-Use the potty, sweep kitchen, wash glass door, pick up bedroom

Now...there are the cutest little sheets for all of these chores and you can find them here.

And for Rylan's chore chart which is a little different..using picture cards...go here

This was just a great idea and it really works for us so I thought Id share!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing chore charts to get new ideas.
    Amie-Hopped over from the HOP.

  2. Hoppin' in from Hip Homeschool Hop! aThanks for the chore chart idea! I have 3 "older" kids (age almost 12, almost 9 and almost 6) who should be doing more to help out! (And then Mom - me! - will have more time to do special things with each of the kids!)


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  4. I think chore charts are such a GREAT idea!!

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  8. What a nifty neat idea...going to go have a look at the site you mentioned...thank you~!!

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  9. Great post! We use some of the same basic principles with our 4 from 21mos to 9. Some chores are static and some change - mostly the ones they hate most. We found that keeps them doing them. We also pay for other chores and even more when they willingly volunteer to help without being asked. I love to hear that other parents have this level of expectation from their kids! When we get the daily flack from the kids, sometimes you start to wonder if you are expecting too much -- and we know their friends aren't doing very much at all. Thank you!