Tuesday, August 7, 2012

HAppy 6th Birthday Carter!!!!

APRIL 7th 2011 Today was Carter's real birthday! He is now 6 years old! Man does time go by so fast! His birthday party isnt until the 17th but we decided to go ahead and give him his present from us and get him a yummy Ice Cream Cake! Hubby was super excited to give Carter his gift!

We decided to get him the new Nintendo DS 3D!!! Its pretty cool so far! Mommy even got to play with it for a few minutes. Carter was up until 11pm playing it! He was soooo super excited! It was pretty pricey but we thought he really deserved it from all the affort he has been putting into his schooling this year! We got him a Star Wars game to go with it! Star Wars is his favorite!!!! I think he really had an awesome evening at home with us tonite! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY CARTER! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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