Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ok. So its almost been a year and I haven't wriiten in ages. Im updateing the blog a bit, adding posts from another blog that I started and never finished and compiling everything into one area! Id love to get blogging again..even if its just a couple times a week! Our family has grown so much in a year! We have many birthdays coming up in the next few months and we have another sibling on the way! We are so excited to meet him! Yes I said him!!! :) He will arrive in the beginning of December. The kids are so excited! Ecspecially Rylan and Hudson...they talk to my tummy alot and Rylan calls the baby..Baby RyRy. I will be homeschooling Trenton this year. He didnt do very good in Public school last year so Im going to try to give it another shot and homeschool him. Hoping it will help him better at staying more focused. carter will be going to Public school. He loves it and did great last year! Rylan and Hudson will stay home with mommy and we will do preschool and tot school with Hudson and Dahlia. She is soooo smart and a very fast learner so I will be including her in with Tot School as well!

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