Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!

10/4/2011 HAPPY 2nd Birthday Hudson! My little guy is 2 already. I just cant believe it! He grew so quick :( I feel like it wasnt long ago we had him and brought him home to be a part of our family. Introducing him to his brothers. He is growing right up on us...wont be long and he will be heading into school with his brothers :(
We had a little Party for him today. Not many people came...Grandma new Knee and Papa David were there of course and Aunt Georgi and cousin Giona. Grandma new Knee made the volcano cake..That u adored.

Enjoying his cake! YUMMY! Love u so stinkin much little man :)

Had to share this too. I took this at the party. Daddy and his little girl. I love how Dollys head is tipped to the side...like she is thinking...what is my Daddy doing? LOL

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