Monday, September 3, 2012

Why I Love Fall isnt officially the first day of Fall yet but it sure feels like it. Carter begins his first day at Public school tomorrow. Trenton and I started school over the weekend. The cool nights and warmer days have begun. We have had some chiller days as well. The fall clothes have came out. The leaves are changing color. Its "officially" fall in my eyes!
This is my absolute favorite time of year. Maby it's the leaves falling from the trees. Maby its the amazing colors that come with the season. Here in New York..Fall lasts about 3 months. It makes me so happy. The weather begins to change about the end of Augest and then lasts right up until our first heavy snowfall...right around or after Thanksgiving. We have chilly mornings with amazing warm days and then ending with a chilly evening. So what is it about the season that I love so much? Oh Autumn....let me count the ways..

The Holidays- Love the holidays the occur in fall. Thanksgiving being one of my favorite. I love a table full of happy family and yummy food and not to mention all the pretty decor. Usually we have our own Thanksgiving here but this year I may go to my Mother in laws just because the baby is right around the corner. But Im not sure yet..I might still have it here. Halloween is so much fun too. I love to dress my little ones up and take lots of pictures. I love taking them Trick or Treating and love seeing how excited they get when they get a piece of candy in their bucket

The Colors- It's early yet, but even now you can see a patch of scarlet leaves among the green, or a flame-colored tree as you drive around town. In another week or two the countryside will be ablaze with color, and our roads will be clogged with leaf-peepers. Everybody has some kind of fall decor outside their home and the whole area turns red, orange and yellow within days.

Fall Foods-Oh Goodness. SO many foods to mention. I love Baking..all the fall yumminess..Pumpkin Bread, Apple Pies, Biscuits, Muffins, Plum cake, Pumpkin Pie..Oh gosh...All sounds so good. And not only the Baking but I also get out my Ole trusty crockpot and we eat from it all season long. Things like casseroles, Stews, and soups. I also love the many different ways to use up your garden goodies such as Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Brussell Sprouts, Apples, and root veggies such as Turnips and Beets. Ah im getting Hungry thinkin of all that yummy food!

Pumpkin Patches- Yep it's true. I absolutely ADORE hay rides and corn mazes and fields of orange as far as the eye can see. It was one of my favorite things growing up and as a parent is something I still look forward to all year long.

So yeah those are the things I absolutely love about Fall!