Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Christmas Decorating has begun!

We've begun decorating our home for Christmas! We put our tree up on Thanksgiving while our delicious turkey was slowly cooking in the oven. We got it up and decorated. We put out most of the decorations but I still have a few projects planned for the couple weeks after the baby comes. These projects are mainly for the kids. I want to be able to spend some time with them after the baby is here and so I have a ton of things planned to celebrate the season! Ill be spending the next week preparing for the new baby and preparing for the weeks ahead. Getting all supplies together and grouped by project and set aside in a bin for then!

My favorite way to decorate my home is in a natural way. I love all things natural when it comes to decorating my home. This means pine cones, cranberries, sticks, leaves and what not. I love it all!

Wanted to share some cute corners in my home and the kids helping decorate..

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